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$50,000 Credit
Savings: $50,000
The leading Customer Data Platform. Unify your customers’ touch points across all platforms and channels.
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Featured Products
Dev Tools
Analytics, Data
$50,000 Credit
Savings: $50,000
The leading Customer Data Platform. Unify your customers’ touch points across all platforms and channels.

What is Segment?

Segment is a customer data collection software that helps over 25,000 businesses collect data from customers to improve engagement efforts. Segment's platform and APIs are able to gather events from websites and mobile apps to paint a clear picture of your customers. With this information, you can build a customer profile that shows the full story of your customers, including opened emails, added products, checkouts started, customer traits, and more. 

All the data you gather will help your marketing, engineering, and product teams to optimize their strategy and boost revenue. This way, you can keep your engineers working on the product and not integrations or internal requests to get data. Segment is an ideal tool if you want to visualize your customer journeys and improve every step of the pipeline.

Key benefits of using Segment?

Get a complete view of the customer: Understanding who your customer is and does is vital to provide an experience that converts without much friction. To do that, your marketing team needs data. Segment is a great customer data scraping tool for marketing teams because it's easy to implement and it gives more useful data than other competitors. You can use it to quickly determine your areas of improvement and create effective marketing campaigns.

Respect user privacy: Users today want their privacy to be respected. They should be able to decide which data to share, and businesses should be able to get customer data to make informed decisions and provide a better experience. Segment helps you detect and classify PII in real-time, as well as stay compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and more. 

Build data-driven products: With the data that Segment captures, your product and engineering teams can make better decisions around your products. Plus, you can integrate tools such Google Analytics, Stripe, and Intercom with a single click. This means you can gather all the data you need from other tools in a single platform.

Segment Info

Segment Features

These are the main Segment features:

  • Get data from Web, Mobile, Servers, and Cloud Apps
  • Central view of data schema
  • Live data view and debugger
  • User deletion
  • User suppression
  • Customer data discovery and inventory
  • Destination filters
  • Replay historical data
  • Unified customer data
  • Identity Resolution
  • Profile API Access
  • Trait and audience building
  • Journeys
Segment Pricing

Segment Discount

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  • 1,000 visitors
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  • 10,000 visitors
  • Unlimited Sources
  • 1 Data Warehouse destination

Business: Custom pricing

  • Custom Volume
  • Single View of the Customer
  • Data Governance

To go to the Segment log in page and get more information, check the vendor links on this page.


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