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Let us help you discover the best SaaS

Having FOMO? Are your competitors or peers using SaaS tools you are not even aware of? You bet they are.

Select the 'best' product for your needs
Each SaaS product is at least somewhat differentiated. And your company is unique as well. Let us help match you with the product that is right for you.
The unknown unknowns
There are SaaS products out there that you have never heard of that will blow your mind. Let us help you discover them.
A helpful community of fellow SaaS users
Meet Mastermind: A peer-to-peer community for software advice. Join the discussion on the top SaaS products. Connect with real buyers, experts, and sellers across numerous categories.
Data and Algorithms
Shaman: Your personal SaaS recommendations
NachoNacho uses proprietary machine learning algorithms to recommend powerful SaaS products to you in your private space, specifically relevant to your company. Our algorithms use private data on your current SaaS stack, as well as publicly available data.
Discover SaaS
NachoNacho will automatically recommend products relevant to you based on your purchase patterns. You'll find products that are cheaper or better. And you'll discover new products that you didn't even know about!
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Vladislav L.
Highly recommended for any modern business
All the subscriptions are in one place; super easy to fetch the financial summaries and prevent unwanted charges whenever needed. Truly a lifesaver for me!
Vladislav L.
David L.
Bite into NachoNacho
NachoNacho helps consolidate all of my subscriptions in one secure place with virtual cards. As important, I have access to an App Marketplace where I can get new subscriptions at substantial discounts.
David L.
Alfred T.
Invaluable freemium tool
NN is great for doing free trials, where you need to enter a credit card but will most likely not continue beyond the trial period. Since NN allows you to create both biz and personal cards you can use it everywhere.
Alfred T.
Gunnar C.
We use NachoNacho to streamline our operations. It is an excellent solution for our risk management policies. You can segregate purchases, subscriptions, and stop payment on any service. People in our organization can manage their budgets.
Gunnar C.
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