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30% CASHBACK All Plans. Forever.
Save up to $353/year
A technology platform enabling vCISOs to scale.
Extreme Software Deals
Legal, Compliance
Extreme Software Deals
Legal, Compliance
30% CASHBACK All Plans. Forever.
Save up to $353/year
A technology platform enabling vCISOs to scale.

What is ClearOPS ?

Problem: Many vendors are blocked by endless vendor security questionnaires. Prospects and customers require you to go through a lot of due diligence that take up a lot of time and cost you a lot of money.

Solution: ClearOPS unblocks your response and helps you close deals. The ClearOPS knowledge management platform streamlines your ability to quickly respond to customer questions. To get started, all you need is a 1 hour implementation call with our experts or a completed security questionnaire. Need privacy and security expertise? Just ask! We have answered 1000 of questions and can help with any privacy or security issue.

Value: Saves time, regulatory compliance. 


  • Import any questionnaire
  • Powerful workflow CRM - never lose track of a questionnaire again
  • Pre-populate questionnaires with past answers in minutes
  • System of Record
  • Written Information Security Policies
  • Third party risk monitoring
  • SOC2 Guidance

Plans: Ask for our NachoNacho pricing when you contact us.

Key benefits of using ClearOPS ?

  • Consistency - You may know your client's cybersecurity "off the top of your head" but that is a dangerous habit. With the data always at your fingertips, you never have to worry about giving a wrong answer or an inconsistent one again.
  • Multi-Tenant - Manage all your clients, without multiple logins
  • Take on New Clients - Gain hours of your time back while the technology handles the boring work, leaving you to do the interesting work, such as remediation. The easiest way to scale a vCISO practice is by using automation like ClearOPS.
  • Offer New Services - With our patented security scanning search engine, you can add service offerings to your clients, like third-party monitoring, fourth-party identification and risk monitoring their security posture.

ClearOPS Info

ClearOPS Features
  • Easy onboarding
  • Security questionnaire pre-populate functionality using machine learning
  • Security posture analysis and risk monitoring
  • File storage, for evidence or artifacts
  • Third-party monitoring
  • Privacy impact assessments
ClearOPS Pricing

Single Member vCISO: We charge per client and our base pricing starts at $749/ month, which includes a personal account and 1 client account. We scale as you scale.

Multi Member vCISO: Contact us for a quote.

SaaS business without any security staff: Our pricing model is a base price + security expert consulting monthly package. We generally recommend that you start at 5 hours a month and our vCISOs range from $150+ per hour. Our pricing is dependent on how many questionnaires you receive and how many vendors you have. Contact us for a quote.


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