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ClearOPS is an A.I. platform enabling SaaS vendors to quickly respond to enterprise customer security reviews.


    Problem: Several years ago, ClearOPS founders identified a problem for startups and SMBs. Enterprise customers were asking for a laundry list of security disclosures and requirements in order to work with a specific vendor. As breaches became more common, the hoops that startups and SMBs, particularly SaaS companies, had to jump through were becoming quite onerous.

    Solution: Most companies don't need to get a 100k security audit to satisfy enterprise customers (nor will enterprise customers take those audits seriously). ClearOPS has develped a program and automated toolset to address the immediate need of quick and affordable response. Our mission is to support startups and SMBs so they don't ever have to turn away business again simply because of a long, tedious security review by an enterprise customer prospect.

    Value: Custom workflows; 5-minute database creation; A.I. powered answer pre-populate functionality; weekly automated, domain name reports; optional public security pages and/ or policy templates. 

    Plans: Self-serve.