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Apify is your gateway to the vast amount of data on the web with its highly flexible web scraping & automation platform.
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20% CASHBACK All plans. Forever.
Apify is your gateway to the vast amount of data on the web with its highly flexible web scraping & automation platform.

What is Apify?

Apify is a web scraping & automation platform that helps businesses extract leads and data from major websites and networks. In today's digital economy, companies increasingly need data to make the right business decisions and products. Apify brings the vast amount of data on the web to your fingertips with its scalable, flexible, high-performance cloud platform. Apify is trusted by more than 15,000 companies from 179 countries.

Web Scraping
Crawl websites and extract data by exporting information to the format of your choice. 

Web Automation
Automate manual processes such as form filling and file upload. Let robots manage these daily workflows.

Web Integration
Enable smooth data flow by connecting a host of APIs and web services.  

Key benefits of using Apify?

Hundreds of scraping and automation tools: Apify has a growing list of many tools you can use for your projects. If you think about scraping any data from any site or social media platform, it's very likely you will find a tool for it in Apify. Plus, by subscribing, you also get access to automation tools. With them, you can automate anything from sending an email to performing SEO audits.

Support for unique case studies: If you have a specific need but can't find a solution on Apify, their team can help you. The Apify experts can create custom solutions for your business.

Apify Info


These are some of the scraping tools you can find in Apify:

  • Web scraper
  • Google search results scraper
  • Google Maps scraper
  • Amazon product scraper
  • Instagram profile scraper
  • Tiktok scraper
  • YouTube scraper
  • Twitter scraper
  • Reddit scraper
  • Indeed scraper
  • Booking scraper
  • Hashtag scraper
  • Aliexpress scraper
  • eBay scraper

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Pricing starts from: $0/month

Free plan: With the free plan, you get $5 in credits per month, a 30-day trial of 20 shared proxies, 4 GB of RAM, and seven-day retention of data, among other things. This plan is perfect for starting scraping small amounts of data.

Personal: This plan costs $49 per month and includes $49 in credits, 30 proxies, 32 GB of RAM, data retention of 14 days, and more.

Team: This plan is for teams who need more data scraping for their projects. It includes $499 in platform credits, 100 proxies, 128 GB of RAM, 21-day data retention, and other collaboration features.

Enterprise: With this customizable plan, you can get unlimited credits, proxies, data retention, and account seats.

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