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30% CASHBACK All Plans. Forever.
Estimated savings: up to $239/year
EXEC is a highly curated hotel, travel, lifestyle, experiences, & business benefits program for busy executives.
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Extreme Software Deals
HR, Recruiting
30% CASHBACK All Plans. Forever.
Estimated savings: up to $239/year
EXEC is a highly curated hotel, travel, lifestyle, experiences, & business benefits program for busy executives.

What is EXEC?

EXEC is a highly curated hotel, travel, lifestyle, experiences, and business benefits program designed to improve the lives of busy executives.

EXEC Members are treated to a variety of unparalleled benefits that upgrade your business travel, elevate your lifestyle, and provide you opportunities to experience the world in ways that have been previously reserved for only the top CEO’s in the world.

You have worked hard to become who you are and achieve the goals that have put you at the top. Now you have earned access to the privileges once reserved for only the top executives in the world.

Welcome to the world of EXEC.

Key benefits of using EXEC?

EXEC is a premium benefits program with access to 350+ luxury lifestyle, hospitality, and travel perks that are typically reserved for top executives. We have curated a list of the best, so you don't have to.

But what is in it for you, the business?

First and foremost, access - The EXEC program curates hundreds of benefits giving your company access to some of the most exclusive privileges and experiences in the world

EXEC constantly grows the portfolio – no more negotiating rates and searching for offers for your members or employees. Let us do that for you.

EXEC Maintains a locked portal – There is nothing worse than going through the trouble of negotiating a rate for your business and then having it not work correctly. Say goodbye to hours of troubleshooting, EXEC has an entire support team to maintain all of the portfolio.

EXEC handles member questions – If there is something we can take off your plate it’s your member’s questions about their benefit options. Our dedicated staff will personally respond to every member’s question (No robots here) delivering the high-touch, personal service you are already known to provide for your company.

With EXEC, you no longer need to chase the best, you can just expect it. 



1) EXEC Hotels & Resorts Collection

The EXEC Hotels & Resorts Collection curates the most sought-after hotels and resorts globally. It provides Members with private rates and benefits that may include upgrades upon availability, welcome amenities, and other value-added amenities at select properties.

2) EXEC Travel Program

The EXEC Travel Program partners with leading travel brands to ease travel stress. Business and leisure travel partners ensure you are well taken care of whether traveling by air, ground or simply making your travel plans.

3) EXEC Lifestyle Benefits Program

We deliver preferred partnerships with leading brands across many areas of your life including apparel, fitness, dining, and more. These benefits are designed with both your personal life and business in mind.

4) EXEC Experiences

Access is priceless. Through the EXEC Experiences Program, you can schedule your meetings at low tide and ride waves with a professional surfer at high tide. You can putt for birdie on the same golf hole that challenges the PGA Tour, or discover what it is like to dance the night away to your favorite band from a luxury suite. EXEC gives you access in ways you have ever experienced.

5) EXEC Business Benefits

Our partnerships with leading software, hardware, and other essential business benefit partners give you the tools you need to run your business effectively. Opportunities to extend your network via EXEC's Member community and partners allow you to grow your company and your personal brand. 


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