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20% CASHBACK All Plans. Forever.
Estimated savings: up to $3,600/year
Behavior emails meet marketing automation. Send emails based on what people do on your website.
New SaaS Products
New SaaS Products
20% CASHBACK All Plans. Forever.
Estimated savings: up to $3,600/year
Behavior emails meet marketing automation. Send emails based on what people do on your website.

What is Encharge?

Behavior emails meet marketing automation

Send emails based on what people do on your website and automate your marketing process across the user journey. The first marketing automation platform for startups and digital businesses that integrates with the apps you use.

Meet your new marketing automation platform

Customer messaging tools don’t automate workflows outside your product and marketing automation tools are bad at behavior emails. Encharge is the best of both worlds — a marketing automation platform built specifically for startups and digital businesses.

Key benefits of using Encharge?

Lead Nurturing for Digital Businesses

Nurture email leads into users and customers. Accelerate the customer journey with targeted, relevant messages thanks to our email marketing automation.

Marketing Automation for Digital Businesses

Go beyond email marketing, create user journeys that convert, onboard, and retain customers. Connect your whole marketing stack and automate repetitive tasks between your apps. The only marketing automation solution that integrates natively with the apps used by startups and digital businesses— HubSpot, Intercom, Chargebee, Stripe, and many more.

User onboarding for startups

Boost product activation and guide your users to value faster with personalized behavior-based user onboarding journeys.

Smart emails to double your trial conversion

Graduate from untargeted email blasts with the most powerful user segmentation for startups

Encharge Info

Encharge Features


Create beautiful one-off newsletters and send them to your whole audience or a segment of people. Increase your engagement with A/B testing.

Flow Builder

Create remarkable user journeys with a robust and easy to use visual flow builder. Go beyond emails — understand, map, and design the entire user journeys by visually connecting steps.

Behavior Emails

Drive user engagement and increase revenue with behavior-based emails. Send targeted emails when people do or don’t do something on your website or in your product.

A/B testing

Drive email engagement and increase revenue with A/B tests for your Broadcasts and your Flows.


Scale personalized customer messaging with dynamic content and merge tags. Use live data from your product and your marketing stack to personalize emails. Go even further and deliver complex hyper-personalization with Liquid tags.

User Profiles

Check every user and every action they’ve taken on your website or in your app in real time. See who is viewing pages, opening emails, upgrading accounts, and using critical product features all within a single view.

User Segments

Bring in user data from your app and your marketing stack. Segment users by page visits, product behavior, feature use, email activity, and data attributes from 3rd-party apps. Send automated targeted messages to the perfect audience.

Lead Scoring

Score your users to find the leads that are a good fit for your product or service. Identify interested leads. Measure website, email, and product engagement. Proactively act by reaching out to the people that are most likely to convert.


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