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15% CASHBACK All Plans. Forever
Save up to $538/year
Target Your Ideal Prospects & Accelerate Revenue Growth with the Best B2B Data Available.
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Sales, Lead Generation
Featured Products
Sales, Lead Generation
15% CASHBACK All Plans. Forever
Save up to $538/year
Target Your Ideal Prospects & Accelerate Revenue Growth with the Best B2B Data Available.

What is SalesIntel?

Target Your Ideal Prospects & Accelerate Revenue Growth with the Best B2B Data Available.

SalesIntel helps businesses of all sizes find the perfect customers with accurate prospects and company data. 

SalesIntel is able to provide this accurate information because its team of researchers manually verifies that all the data they provide is up-to-date. But they don't do it just once. All the data gets re-verified every 90 days to guarantee 95% data accuracy.

If you've done manual prospecting, you know that accurate data is often difficult to find consistently.

Plus, SalesIntel offers more than emails and phone numbers. When subscribing, you also get access to intent data, competitor data, and much more.

You can use the SalesIntel data to reach your ideal customers and boost your outbound and inbound lead generation.

Key benefits of using SalesIntel?

Find your ideal customers: To manually find prospects that fit your ICPs, you need to invest hours on top of hours just to identify the ideal people. It's a whole different challenge to get their business email and phone number to actually reach them. In addition, if you only focus on one channel, you might feel you're running out of prospects. With SalesIntel, none of this will happen to you. Instead, you will get access to all the contacts you want in your ideal industry—and even explore other ones—from the same platform. 

Get accurate prospect data: When you do prospecting, the information you're getting must be accurate and reliable. This information will determine how you connect with people that matter to your organization. And with SalesIntel, you get human-verified data, so you can rely on the information you find. This way, you have up-to-date information and never miss out on any opportunity.

SalesIntel Info

SalesIntel Features

This is a complete list of features and data that SalesIntel provides:

  • Human-Verified Data
  • Mobile Numbers
  • Direct Dials
  • Business Emails
  • Personal Emails
  • Firmographic Data
  • HQ Info
  • Executive Intel
  • Subsidiaries
  • Buying Intel
  • Competitor Intel
  • Training
  • Sales Playbooks
  • Technographic Data
  • Intent Data
  • Customer Success Team
  • Research On Demand
  • Integrations
SalesIntel Pricing

SalesIntel Discount

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Pricing starts from: $129/month

All of the plans mentioned below are for individual plans.

Individual: $129/month

This starter plan includes 100 credits and gives you access to verified data, mobile numbers, direct dials, business emails, personal emails, and more contact data.

Individual Pro: $299/month

In addition to all of the features from the Individual plan, this plan includes 300 credits, buying intel (company funding, news, acquisitions, etc.), competitor intel, training, sales playbooks, and technographic data.

Teams: Custom pricing

This plan is for growing teams that need multiple licenses, collaboration tools, and advanced features such as intent data, customer success team, research On Demand, and integrations.

For all needs that require multiple licenses, you need to contact the SalesIntel team to get custom pricing.

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