All Plans. 1st Year.


Monday.com is a Work OS, where teams create and shape workflow apps, code free - to run any process and project


    The project management software that keeps teams going. Collaborate as if you were right next to each other.

    Keep your team’s momentum going
    Easily assign tasks, get notifications on what your team and stakeholders’ are working on in real-time, and communicate in the context of every project and task.

    Start working from home in minutes
    Get your team onboarded quickly with our remote-ready templates for any project, at any stage.

    Your entire project toolkit
    We each have our own way to plan and run projects. Whether you use a Gantt chart, timeline, kanban or dashboards - you’re covered.

    Integrate with your go-to tools
    Connect your team's existing tools to get more work done: Zoom, Slack, email, calendar, spreadsheets, and much more. Keep all your work in one place.