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Efani is the most secure and private cell phone service in the US, providing military grade protection for your SIM card


    Efani works like any other carrier, providing you with a SIM Card that you can put in your phone. Replace your existing monthly plan with Efani’s on America’s #1 Carrier that covers 99% of Americans on the fastest 4G Network. Efani’s core competency is providing the military grade protection against any kind of SIM hack. Efani’s protections can be thought of a series of firewalls that exist to protect your SIM card.

    Military Grade Protection
    11-Layers of Client-Side Integrity & authentication protection to guarantee any unauthorized access into your account

    Your Telephone # isn't attached to your personal information. Everything is Encrypted & Classified.

    $5M Insurance Coverage
    You're Personally Protected with $5M Insurance

    24/7 Concierge Support
    American Based Support Around The Clock