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Copper provides CRM software solutions specifically built for your G-suite inbox and Google applications.


    Copper, a recommended CRM for G Suite.

    Loved by 10,000+ customers worldwide.

    CRM for relationship management, sales and project management.

    If you work out of Gmail, so should your CRM.

    Add leads, update deals, look up past interactions, create Google Calendar events, and follow up on tasks—right from your Gmail inbox.

    Work from Gmail with Chrome Extension

    Automated Data Entry

    Auto-enrich profiles, auto-create tasks, auto-track email history, auto-log events and activities; auto-save notes

    Multiple pipelines, deal tracking, real-time notifications

    Insights and forecasting

    Seamless Integration with every G Suite app

    Google Calendar

    Google Slides

    Hangouts Chat

    Gmail Contacts

    Google Docs

    Google Sheets

    Data Studio

    Data Enrichment