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A hybrid (human & bot) conversational platform which can automate any business conversations using chatbots.


    Chatgen is a hybrid bot chat platform where you can build chatbots of any capability. With Chatgen, you can automate support, internal automation and also automatically convert anonymous site visitors to qualifying leads and also book more meets 24/7"

    ChatGen has built a Machine Learning (ML)- backed engine that enables businesses to have chatbots that can converse with users. These chatbots aid businesses across functions:


    From basic chatbots, conversational landing pages to generate leads, and conversational Ads to optimize CTR to embedded bots that optimize Click to Action. Chatgen primarily is used to maximize your lead capture not only on the Website but also at places where your visitors visit your brand


    Chatbots that use AI to build automated responses to common customer queries, freeing up the support staff to deal with more pressing customer support challenges. #customersupportautomation

    Product discovery:

    Chatbots that make product discovery easy for online shoppers — increasing sales and building loyalty for eCommerce companies

    Internal Automations:
    Any internal communication automation like HR automation, Operational Teams communication can be automated quickly and in the best possible way