All Plans. Forever.


Breezy provides an end-to-end software that simplifies recruiting helping businesses attract and hire the best talent.


    Breezy is a modern solution to the recruiting process, empowering teams to easily build out and optimize hiring processes. Automation starts right from the sourcing stage, as Breezy broadcasts open roles to the top job sites, and provides a chrome extension that generates qualified candidates from the sites you use to find them. 

    Your process visualized
    Breezy enables creation of custom pipelines, so you can tailor each stage of the process to each unique open role.

    Keep your team in sync
    With teammate mentions and team-wide scorecards to centralize discussion and keep everyone on the same page. 

    Easy scheduling
    Built in email and SMS features, as well as scheduling links let candidates schedule meetings without cluttering your inbox. 



    HR, Recruiting