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Attuned is the only employee analytics platform using individual motivational profiles to make work meaningful for teams


    How do you make work more meaningful? Manage your team using what matters most to each of them. Work with intrinsic motivation. Rooted in organizational psychology, Attuned’s scientific method makes the previously unseen knowable. Attuned uses individual motivational profiles to visualize your team’s intrinsic motivation and team culture. This data will give you the insights you need to hire, onboard and engage your teams more effectively than ever before.

    Close the motivational gaps in your team
    Attuned maps out data to make gaps in your team members’ values clear instantly. Managers will see clearly where they have motivational gaps with team members. They will be better able to personalize their management approach to match the intrinsic motivator needs of each individual.

    Management Blindspots
    Let’s say your manager doesn’t need feedback to keep striving. Feedback might not even ever cross his mind. Meanwhile his newest talented report scores in the need-to-have for feedback. Attuned shows this manager to “mind the gap”- makes him aware of this management blindspot- before his team member loses motivational steam.

    Tailor Your Approach
    Your newest member of the team is excited to tackle new challenges. She made the difficult decision to leave her last position because she wasn't getting enough feedback, both praise and constructive criticism. She is energized by how, even in the first few weeks, her new manager takes the time to give her balanced feedback often.



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