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30% CASHBACK All Plans. Forever.
Estimated savings: up to $1,800/year
An AI content writer that generates high-quality plagiarism-free content for 40+ use cases for 7 different industries.
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New SaaS Products
Extreme Software Deals
Social Media
30% CASHBACK All Plans. Forever.
Estimated savings: up to $1,800/year
An AI content writer that generates high-quality plagiarism-free content for 40+ use cases for 7 different industries.

What is

WriteMe is an AI writing tool that came into existence with the deployment of the powerful GPT-2 and GPT-3 natural language processing technologies. Since the content creation industry is now focused on value addition and content scaling, WriteMe AI Content Generator fills the gaps in content creation efficiency, idea generation and scaling. 

 It all started by recognizing the need for a powerful AI Content Generator in the current digital landscape, where content creators struggle with English as their second language and native speakers struggle to meet content efficiency goals. WriteMe brings the much needed AI innovation into the contemporary writing landscape as we know.

 The powerful AI Writing tool not only automates the content generation, ideation and categorization process for content managers but also helps in overcoming the creative blocks that content writers often face. 

The AI writing tool has been trained over half a million articles to create high-context, original, factually correct and coherent content for all purposes. Thanks to the deep learning algorithms and vast data sets, the AI content generator can produce millions of articles in a fraction of the time needed to write them manually.

 With WriteMe, you gain access to coherent, creative and original content generation in minutes – something that is getting tedious day after day. On top of that, this AI tool serves as your Personal writing assistant to help you manage various writing projects, discover new writing ideas and suggestions, improve the quality of your content and make it more SEO friendly.

 WriteMe AI Writing Generator is a product of TurboAnchor – an IT and SaaS based service and consulting startup. The tool carries with it the inherent startup values of bringing revolutionary transformation into the IT industry through latest innovations, consultation and service offerings.

 Embark a journey of million words and gazillion opportunities with WriteMe AI Content Generator.

Key benefits of using

1. Convey your ideas easily: The tool can help you clearly communicate your ideas.

2. Improved writing speed: With a writing assistance tool, users can quickly generate high-quality text, which can help them save time and increase productivity.

3. Enhanced writing quality: The tool can help users improve grammar, style, and coherence. This tool can help you create better and more persuasive arguments.

4. Increased creativity: The tool can help users generate new ideas and write more creatively and engagingly by providing users with different writing options.

5. Reduced writer's block: By providing users with different writing prompts and suggestions, the tool can help them overcome writer's block and generate fresh ideas.

6. Improved accuracy: The tool can help users avoid common spelling and grammar mistakes, resulting in more accurate and polished writing.

7. Increased consistency: The tool can help users maintain a consistent writing style and tone across different documents.

8. Reduced effort: By automating certain aspects of the writing process, the tool can reduce the effort required to produce high-quality text.

9. Personalization: A writing assistance tool can be fine-tuned to the user's specific writing style, allowing them to maintain their unique voice.

10. Better organization: The tool can help users structure and organize their ideas more effectively, resulting in more coherent and logical writing.

11. Accessibility: The tool can be used by people of all skill levels, including those who have difficulty writing due to learning or cognitive difficulties.

12. Better SEO: It provides a comprehensive set of features and tools that enable content creators to quickly generate keyword-rich content, optimize their content for search engine visibility, and analyze the performance of their content. Info Features

1) WriteMe.Ai makes Long Form Content Writing Simpler than ever! So far, our AI writing assistant has generated over 10,000+ words long-form articles for over 15,000+ keywords!

2) WriteMeAI chrome extension: An add-on for Google Chrome that eases your writing experience.

3) Writing Assistance: The tool could provide users with the assistance of different types of writing, such as emails, reports, or blog posts, that they can use as a guide.


      • The tool could help in Ads and Marketing campaigns by assisting with product descriptions, ads for google, and profile bios.

      • The tool could provide video descriptions, ideas, plots, etc.

      • The tool could help in content writing, including blog posts, website copy, and blog section writing.

      • SEO & Metadata generator to enhance the overall visibility of content.


4) provides everything that a content creator needs to create high-quality content.


       • 40+ Popular Use Cases for Any Industry

       •Generate Long-Form and Short Form Content

       •30+ Writing Assistant Languages

       •20+ Writing Tones and Adjustable Creativity

       •New use cases and languages added regularly 

       •Generate new content ideas

      •Generate complete blog outlines 

      •Organize all projects in one place Pricing
  • Pay Go: Free for 2,000 words (Get additional 10,000 words @ $10)
  • Freelance: 10$/month for 30,000 words (Get additional 15,000 words @ $8)
  • Agency: 25$ for 80,000 words/month (Get additional 15,000 words @ $6)
  • Enterprise: 50$ for 150,000 words/month (Get additional 15,000 words @ $5)

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