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15% CASHBACK All Plans. Forever.
Estimated savings: up to $1,798/year
SimpleTexting provides SMS and text marketing tools that help drive revenue and build customer loyalty.
New SaaS Products
Sales, Lead Generation
New SaaS Products
Sales, Lead Generation
15% CASHBACK All Plans. Forever.
Estimated savings: up to $1,798/year
SimpleTexting provides SMS and text marketing tools that help drive revenue and build customer loyalty.

What is SimpleTexting?

SimpleTexting is an all-in-one text messaging service that streamlines the text and SMS marketing process. SimpleTexting allows you to craft campaigns for thousands of customers, or initiate one-on-one conversations with engaged customers.

SimpleTexting is the easiest way to send messages to customers, employees, or anyone else you need to reach. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike, our user-friendly platform lets your team take advantage of the power of SMS. Provide customer service, text message to large groups at once, survey your employees, host sweepstakes, create automated drip campaigns and more. Start and scale your SMS efforts with our flexible pricing plans designed for businesses of all sizes. You can even manage your campaigns on-the-go with our app for iOS and Android.

Key benefits of using SimpleTexting?

Have 1-on-1 Conversations

• All incoming SMS messages are free! Empower your sales or support team with 2-way texting.

• Organize your conversations by time-waiting or time-received

Get in Touch with Everybody at Once

• Create and send mass text marketing campaigns

• Include images and other multimedia using MMS

• Send trackable links

Automate Your Marketing

• Schedule all of your important texts ahead of time

• Create templates for frequently sent messages

• Create autoresponders to follow-up with your subscribers

Grow And Manage Your Contact Lists

• Create compliant web forms to gather contacts

• Segment your lists based on custom data

• Create unlimited keywords that users can text to subscribe to your messages

• Ask subscribers for new information using our Data Collection feature

See How Your Campaigns Are Doing

• Use our analytics tool to see how your campaigns are performing in real time

• Visualize click-through rates, subscriber growth and number of messages sent

Advanced Automations And Integrations
Native integrations with MailChimp and Zapier
• Leverage our internal Integrations Team to integrate with over 2,000+ platforms.

SimpleTexting Info

SimpleTexting Features


Send messages to contact groups, personalize each conversation with media, and track clicks on sent links. 

Real-time conversations

Reach your customers and engage with them in real time. Use your existing number without impacting voice services, or get a new one. 

Custom list building

SimpleTexting allows you to import existing contact lists or build new ones. Rapidly collect contact information with crafted campaigns. 

Custom Integrations and Advanced Automations

Leverage our Zapier connection to integrate SimpleTexting with your favorite CRM, ATS, or Email platform.
Not interested in Zapier? Let our in-house Custom Integrations Team take over. With the ability to build custom integrations and advanced automations with over 2,000 products, we've got your back. 

SimpleTexting Pricing

Head over to our website (linked above) to find the best plan for your needs. We recommend chatting with our Sales Team to help you find the best fit!


SimpleTexting Reviews

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Inside Sales
Great tool, easy to use. (Jan 27, 2023)
SimpleTexting has a simple interface that has everything you're looking for within reach without having to get lost looking for the right tools. The text input fields are also very user friendly and show what your messages look like.
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