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Rocketlane Overview

What is Rocketlane?

Rocketlane is purpose-built to manage and run customer-facing projects, help teams accelerate time-to-value, and deliver a 5-star customer experience throughout the journey. It uniquely combines project management, document collaboration, communication, and resource management to give you and your customer a tightly knit experience.

Rocketlane is built by an experienced SaaS product team, that has taken care to craft delightful experiences that serve specific purposes in your project delivery journey. Our features help you impress your customers, hold them accountable in the journey, create comprehensive and repeatable playbooks, get on-demand visibility into onboarding projects and customer sentiments, and increase the productivity of your implementation teams.

Key benefits of using Rocketlane?

Know where it all stands: Ever had the nagging feeling that a few projects are falling behind or that an important customer may not be happy? Rocketlane lets you have a handle on all ongoing projects. Step in before things go awry.

Improve accountability: Your customer wants to be part of the journey with you. Keep them in the loop at all times and automate notifications so they know what's on their plate.

Collaborate seamlessly: Today, your team and customers are distributed. Rocketlane streamlines work collaboration and communication with customers across projects, both real-time or async

Execute with consistency: Create once, reuse forever. Project templates, Form and Status templates, and document templates help you repeat your best work, save time, and ensure consistency

Rocketlane Features

1. Private and Shared Views: Control the visibility of work items, documents, and conversations to keep them private to your team or shareable with customers.

2. Branded Customer Portal: Give your customers 24x7 access to project data through magic links

3. Templates: Create project, status, form, and document templates so you can reuse them multiple times, across multiple projects

4. Reports: Know where it all stands with reports on people, performance, and projects

5. Time Tracking: Use timesheets to know where your team spends expends time and energy

6. Resource Management: Plan, manage, and forecast resources better

7. In-built CSAT: Capture customer sentiments on predefined milestones

8. Forms: Collect data for request intakes, handoffs, and run surveys natively

9. File Management: Organize all your files centrally so you never have to go file hunting again

10. Native Documents: Create new documents or embed existing Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Slidedecks, and Figma files, and collaborate seamlessly

11. Live Messaging: Communicate internally and with your customers to make decisions and discussions faster

12. Integrations: Sync data with Salesforce and Jira seamlessly with our direct integration. Connect to other CRMs via Zapier. 

Rocketlane Pricing

Rocketlane is available in Professional and Premium plan, and offers a free 14-day trial. The pricing starts at $19/mo per user for the Professional plan and includes customer portal, templates, time tracking, etc.

For more on Pricing, visit: https://rocketlane.com/pricing

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