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15% CASHBACK All Plans. Forever.
Estimated savings: up to $821/year
Build dashboards and reports to track your business performance from anywhere.
Dev Tools
Analytics, Data
Dev Tools
Analytics, Data
15% CASHBACK All Plans. Forever.
Estimated savings: up to $821/year
Build dashboards and reports to track your business performance from anywhere.

What is Databox?

Databox is a business analytics platform designed to help companies improve decision-making through comprehensive dashboards and reports. View analytics data from popular sources like HubSpot, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and many more in just a few clicks. Each integration comes loaded with popular pre-built metrics to help you easily organize all of your business KPIs in one place. Databox will deliver your metrics via mobile, browser, TV screen, Apple Watch®, and even Slack.

It connects with 70+ integrations, including Google Sheets, Excel, Zapier, and Make. With Databox, you can easily build custom dashboards with no coding required and set measurable goals to track your progress. Get performance alerts, recommendations, or important KPIs delivered to you when they matter most.

Key benefits of using Databox?

Track your performance in one tool: Track metrics from multiple sources in one dashboard. Easily draw correlations, identify trends and make adjustments to your data.

Access your data from everywhere: Easily share your dashboards with colleagues, clients, or shareholders. Databox dashboards are optimized to work on any device, no matter the screen size. 

Create custom dashboards in minutes: Don't waste your time editing your charts. With Databox's visualization library, you can quickly build custom dashboards using the drag-and-drop interface. 

Set and track goals for any metric: Set goals for any of the metrics you are already tracking. Track and manage your goals from one screen, or visualize your progress towards your goals.

Databox Info

Databox Features


Track data from 70+ tools from one centralized place in real-time.


Create custom reports with deck-style slides. Add metrics, pre-built dashboards, images, and text to provide more context to your data and share insights into past performance.


Easily connect your data with Databox through the 70+ one-click integrations available. Each integration comes loaded with thousands of default metrics to help you instantly view the most important KPIs in your account. 

Query Builder

Create Custom Metrics for selected Data Sources by adding Dimensions, Segments, Advanced Filtering, and more. 

Data Calculations

Combine data from any Data Sources in an equation to create new Calculated Metrics.


Create Goals in Databox to help you stay up-to-date on your progress toward reaching your business objectives. 


Automatically and proactively monitor your data and get notified of any emerging trends.

Databox Pricing

Databox Discount

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This is the full Databox pricing information:

Pricing starts from: $0/month

Free Forever Plan: $0/month

Create a free-forever account with access to 250+ dashboard templates, 60+ integrations, and all standard features. Connect up to 3 data sources and build up to 3 dashboards. Includes access for 5 users and Simple Reporting capability.

Starter Plan: Starting at $91/month

This plan starts at 4 dashboards and includes 5 users, 11 months of historical data, simple reporting, daily data updates, and all standard features.

Professional Plan: Starting at $169/month

This plan starts at 9 dashboards. It includes all the features in the Starter plan plus: 

  • Data Calculations 
  • Query Builder 
  • Custom Date Ranges 
  • Removable Branding 
  • 24 Months of Historical Data 
  • 25 Users 
  • Hourly Data Updates 

Performer Plan: Starting at $289/month

This plan has unlimited dashboards. It Includes all the features in the Professional plan plus: 

  • Unlimited Dashboards 
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Historical Data 
  • Advanced Reporting Feature 
  • Single Sign-On 
  • Activity-based Priority Sync

Databox Reviews

Profile image for Laura G
Director of Digital Marketing
Extremely user-friendly (Oct 24, 2022)
Databox is an extremely user-friendly, helpful data visualization tool that keeps all of your data in one beautiful report. It's so easy to provide insights to clients and it is an essential reporting software for our advertising agency.
Profile image for Tiffani Li
Marketing Data Analyst
Perfect (Oct 24, 2022)
Finally, a platform that checks all the boxes!
Profile image for Lindsey R.
Content Marketing Manager
Excellent support (Oct 24, 2022)
The support team is insanely good. Anything that I need help me with, I'm always blown away. Also, there are built-in integrations for everything, so I can usually deliver a great dashboard with a couple of clicks.
Profile image for Cameron C
A digital marketer's dream (Oct 24, 2022)
Databox is a digital marketer's dream come true. It saves so much time, gives you access to the numbers that matter and you can get an immediate snapshot of all your campaigns in one place.
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