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20% CASHBACK All Plans. 4 Years.
Estimated savings: up to $1,678/year
Contract Lifecycle Management software for 360 coverage
Office Tools, Admin
Legal, Compliance
Office Tools, Admin
Legal, Compliance
20% CASHBACK All Plans. 4 Years.
Estimated savings: up to $1,678/year
Contract Lifecycle Management software for 360 coverage

What is Contractbook?

Contractbook is a contract management software that empowers businesses of all sizes to create, manage, and sign contracts in less time and more effectively. Streamline the entire contract lifecycle with powerful features. Create contracts with templates and data from your CRM, collaborate, store all documents in one place, and automate manual tasks.

Contractbook is ideal for all sales teams, HR teams, and legal departments in SMBs and enterprises.

Key benefits of using Contractbook?

Create contracts easily: Spend less time on paperwork and ensure legal compliance with templates and data from your CRM directly in Contractbook. Plus, you can also quickly update pre-existing contracts.

Improve collaboration: With Contractbook, it's easy to get documents approved faster while ensuring transparency and compliance by storing easily accessible approval history.

Finalize and sign contracts easily: Get all of your contracts signed faster by sharing documents with contacts in a few clicks. Add as many signees as you want and manage the signing order easily.

Organize all your contracts: Store all your documents in one place, ensure security through controlled access, and make it easier to access contracts with dedicated folders.

Automate manual tasks: Reduce the time you spend on repetitive manual tasks and let Contractbook do them for you.

Contractbook Info

Contractbook Features

These are the main Contractbook features you can use to improve the entire contract signing process.

  • Contract Creation and Templates
  • Contract Editing 
  • Contract Collaboration
  • Notifications & Reminders
  • Integrations / APIs
  • Contract Attachments
  • Approval Process
  • Contact Database
  • Document Signing
  • Sign-In Process
  • Reminders and Expirations
  • Signature Workflow
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Signature History and Audit
Contractbook Pricing

Contractbook Discount

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Pricing start from: $999/month

Foundation: $999/month

  • Contract creation, negotiation, signing and storing
  • Unlimited users
  • Standard integrations
  • 3rd party & legacy contract upload
  • In-App automations
  • Form-generated contracts
  • Up to 18 implementation hours

Growth: $1,499/month

  • Everything in Foundation
  • Conditional-logic generated contracts
  • SSO
  • API Access
  • Up to 30 implementation hours

Enterprise: $2,499/month

  • Everything in Growth
  • Custom integrations
  • Access to custom legal portal
  • Custom implementation services


Contractbook Reviews

Profile image for Daniel W
Business Developer
The easiest online contract tool there is (Nov 14, 2022)
No matter if you're a manager or the legal team, this tool is very intuitive to use. The contract templates make it easy, you can even create your own contracts.
Profile image for Soren H
The best contract management system there is (Nov 14, 2022)
We've been using ContractBook with several companies of different sizes and industries and it's been my favorite e-signature tool for years. The UX is very good. The template options in particular are very handy as well as the ability to quickly share updated templates to the team. The tech stack integration options give you a lot of flexibility.
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