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Audiense Insights Overview

What is Audiense Insights?

Place cultural understanding and customer segmentation at the heart of your strategy. Understand what moves and motivates your audience!

Audiense Insights is the all-in-one audience intelligence platform that will help you tell stories that resonate, make data-driven creative decisions, identify insights around customers, find influencers worth partnering with, and more. Our data provides you with the ability to understand segments of consumers worth targeting and unlock cultural insights that can improve connection, conversions, and customer experience. 

We offer the audience intelligence data to power your...

  • Audiense reseach & persona building 
  • Advertising & targeting (social & Display) 
  • Content Ideation 
  • Digital PR & Outreach 
  • Influencer Identification

Audiense offers you the chance to tap into shared beliefs, interests, lifestyle choices, and affinities of your ideal audience. We arm you with cultural insights that help you develop strategies that are more likely to drive ideal customer and brand outcomes.

  • Segment audiences by interests: No more one-size-fits-all segmentation approach. 
  • Develop data driven personas: Use data to understand affinities, demographics, and more to create better personas. 
  • Identify the right influencers to work with: Uncover which influencers align with your ideal audience and have real followers. 
  • Understand niche audiences: Our data offers insight into every and any audience online.

Key benefits of using Audiense Insights?

1. Data-based audience identification

The platform's social segmentation features are an excellent starting point for developing personas, understanding your target audiences, and discovering new opportunities.

We offer 2 types of segmentation:

Affinity: based on commonalities of affinity, 'following-behaviors

Interconnectivity: Our classic method is based on 'who knows who'

2. Identifying effective interest & affinities

Audiense uses segmentation to get actionable insights and targeted information. Our classic method of segmentation, interconnectivity, is available for use. Clustering individuals based on interconnections among them helps to identify niche segments.

3. Strategy Personalisation

Combined with affinity analysis, it gives you the ability to tap into ever-evolving culture and trends allowing for effective personalization and relevance in:

  • Influencer and Sponsorship selection
  • Content/creative development
  • PR & Comms strategy
  • Media planning in the cookie-less world (e.g. contextual advertising strategy)

4. Compliment your tech stack

Audiense integrates with other tools, given its data and insights are complementary, it serves as the "bridge for intelligence" to stack sources of insights:

  • Existing Social Listening tools
  • Third-party audience Survey Platforms
  • 1st party data

Audiense Insights Features

Audience data that goes beyond demographics... Our platform will help you identify, understand, and activate the audiences that matter most to you. 

1. Identify and understand any (yes, any) audience

You can now unlock cultural insights and affinities for audiences of all shapes and sizes using Audiense Insights. No matter how niche the audience, our platform will help you conduct in-depth analysis and extract rich insights to inform your decisions. From affinities and demographics to professions and interests, use this data to tell stories and create strategies that move your audience.

2. Use segmentation to be more personalized

It's time to go beyond the traditional demographic-based segmentation practices. Our platform provides audience segmentation that will help you understand your audience on a deeper level. Use our data to understand affinities, interconnectivity, and the passions and interests of your ideal audience. 

3. Analyze the make-up of your audiences

Audiense Insights applies machine learning to instantly understand who makes up your target audience, analyzing what they like, tweet, and follow. Use our platform to gain insights on audience psychographics, demographics, personality, the content they like, and sources of influence. Compare segments with baselines or other audiences and create benchmarks with different segments, countries, or even competitors.

4. Find the right influencers using social intelligence

Our audience intelligence platform provides you with the necessary data to accurately identify the right influencers to partner with. 

Our advanced search offers insights into attributes that range from language and follower count to engagement rate and fake followers. Audiense Insights provides you with the ability to better understand the people who follow potential influencer partners so you can ensure that the audience alignment is perfect for your campaigns and creative initiatives.

Audiense Insights Pricing

Pricing starts from: $0/month

Free: $0/month

The Free plan offers basic Community Analytics, Community Search, 3 reports, 3 segments, and more limited features.

Audience Insights: $1499/month

This plan gives you the full power of Audience Insights with unlimited Audience Segmentation, Personality Insights, Media Affinity, Multichannel Ads Activation, and 5 reports per month.

Audience Insights: $ 8352/annual 

This plan gives you the full power of Audience Insights with unlimited Audience Segmentation, Personality Insights, Media Affinity, Multichannel Ads Activation, and 5 reports per month.

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