Empuls (xoxoday)

All Plans. Forever.


Build a winning culture by Empuls - Employee Benefits, Rewards, Conversation, Survey, and more.


    Emplus provides a platform to holistically engage employees and drive productivity, performance, and stronger team culture. The platform solves all dimensions of employee engagement with features that address any core problems with the employee experience. Get actionable insights and better ROI while rallying your team. 

    With Empuls, you can -

    Connect and Align employees through Social Intranet and Groups:

    Get easy access to all the organizational news, files, announcements, alerts, and feeds. Build relationships and align with the shared goals, values, and vision.

    Listen to and Empower employees through Surveys & Feedback:

    Conduct structured pulse surveys and 1:1 feedback sessions with research-based questions to check workforce sentiments.

    Motivate employees through Rewards & Recognition:

    Set up different categories of rewards, and appreciation badges to reinforce positive behaviors. Maintain competitive spirit through leaderboard rankings.