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20% CASHBACK All Plans. Forever.
Save up to $12,000/year
Provide and maintain any kind of remote equipment for your workforce, no matter where they are.
HR, Recruiting
Office Tools, Admin
HR, Recruiting
Office Tools, Admin
20% CASHBACK All Plans. Forever.
Save up to $12,000/year
Provide and maintain any kind of remote equipment for your workforce, no matter where they are.

What is Workwize?

Workwize is a platform specialized in managing remote and hybrid work—and more precisely—in providing equipment (home office equipment, IT, company swag etc.)

With the massive adoption of remote working, HR and IT, departments face an ever-increasing expensive problem that requires a lot of internal resources to manage on/offboarding, budgets, asset management, employee support, and more. Workwize's award-winning SaaS platform (Startup of the Year) allows you to completely outsource the supply and management of your equipment. It makes you benefit from large purchase savings on IT, furniture, and company goodies while maximizing employee well-being in the most efficient way.

Key benefits of using Workwize?

Save hours by automating processes:

All processes, from onboarding to offboarding are fully automated. HR and IT teams save a significant amount of time previously spent sourcing products, managing disparate invoices, tracking equipment, and handling employee requests and delivery issues.

Save money by efficient budget spending:

Have complete control over which products are included in tailored catalogs and the allocation of budget. Because all offboarded products can be reintegrated, you will even save money through circularity, whilst ensuring sustainable practices.

Track all remote assets:

Maintain complete visibility over all remote assets, such as knowing which employee has taken what IT equipment from the office and where all laptops and mobile phones are located.

Seamless onboarding experience:

A flawless onboarding experience will amaze your new hires and set them up with the tools to succeed on day one. Organizations with a strong onboarding process increase new hire retention by 82% and productivity by more than 70%.

Strengthen the feeling of belonging:

Workwize also serves as a catalyst for corporate culture by reinforcing employees' sense of being cared for by their employers.

Workwize Info

Workwize Features

Manage Remote Assets

Provide, maintain and manage all your IT, furniture, and any other remote assets bought in and outside of Workwize, all around the world.

- Buy & Lease possibility 

- Integrate own suppliers 

- We source the products

Flawless On-Offboarding

Create an amazing onboarding experience by sending office equipment and branded welcome packages on day one, enrolling IT devices into the company MDM solution

- Enrollment of IT devices 

- Product re-integration for used products of ex-employees

- Branded merchandise

Customize Everything

Build your own brand experience by creating a company-branded environment to shop in. Add company-branded merch to create a real "in- house" experience.

- Create roles & catalogs 

- Bespoke interface 

- Tailored welcome page

Workwize Pricing

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Pricing starts from: $0/month

To get pricing information about Workwize, you need to contact their team and request the pricing. However, Workwize offers a free plan after the discovery call so you can get to know the platform and a free 14-day trial to help you decide if it's a good fit for your organization.


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