Virtual Gurus

All Plans. Forever.


Virtual Gurus connects businesses and entrepreneurs with skilled American and Canadian Virtual Assistants.


    Virtual Gurus is a talent marketplace that leverages proprietary technology to match organizations with highly skilled Canadian and American virtual assistants. Whether your organization needs a dedicated assistant, special project support, or help with occasional tasks, we’re your people. Learn more at www.thevirtualgurus.com

    We're here to help you delegate the administrative tasks that eat up your time so you can unlock your productivity:

    1. Executive Assistance

    2. General Administration

    3. Sales & Marketing Support

    4. Office Administration

    5. Social Media Support

    6. Bookkeeping Support


    What we’re all about:

    We’re proud of our social mission: to provide employment opportunities to individuals from historically underrepresented backgrounds. Belief in our social mission fuels us to deliver exceptional experiences to our clients, so we can continue to provide opportunities to our VAs.



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    One of my favorite productivity apps! (Feb 22, 2021)
    They provide real humans to help you improve your productivity. Love it!