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Veeva provides industry cloud solutions to provide data, software, and cloud services for life science companies.
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Veeva provides industry cloud solutions to provide data, software, and cloud services for life science companies.

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What is Veeva?

Veeva Systems is a global provider of industry-specific cloud software solutions that address the unique operating challenges and regulatory requirements of enterprise companies in the consumer products, food & beverage, and chemical industries.

Key benefits of using Veeva?

Content management: Content can be easily created and distributed across channels, thanks to Veeva CRM simplifying content management. In addition, creating content like clinical data or sales tasks is easily implemented, making scaling up or down a less costly affair. 

User-friendliness: Veeva is also a user-friendly environment with inspiration drawn from the experience of consumer experiences. Thanks to intelligent reports and intuitive dashboards for both Veeva CRM and clinical research dashboards, users can make informed decisions and come up with unconventional solutions and insights that are actionable.

Ability to test and preview content: Due to the integration between the CRM and clinical systems, Veeva systems allows users to test and preview the content being pushed out before actually publishing data for different teams to be able to analyze and use.

Veeva Info

Veeva Features

These are some of the core Veeva features:

  • Veeva CRM Dynamic Attributes
  • Brand Operations App:
  • Key Account Manager App
  • Pharmacy Sales App
  • Primary Care Sales App
  • Streamlined navigation
  • Role-based data visualization capabilities
  • Enhanced flexibility for faster execution
  • Veeva CRM Dynamic Attributes
  • Territory Performance report
  • Veeva CRM System
  • Veeva Product Support
  • Veeva Vault
  • Veeva eConsent
  • Veeva ePro
  • Veeva Site Connect
  • Veeva RIM Suite
  • Veeva Quality Suite
  • Veeva Training
  • Veeva Lab
  • Veeva Development Cloud
  • Veeva Medical CRM
  • Veeva Data Cloud
  • Veeva SiteVault
Veeva Pricing

Veeva Discount

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Veeva pricing is all customer based on a case-by-case basis.

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