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Upflowy Overview

What is Upflowy?

Upflowy is a drag and drop tool to build and optimize web experiences. Easily A/B test signup processes, sales lead funnels, customer on-boarding and much more. 

Flows can be triggered on top of any website technology by a visitor clicking on a button or visiting a specific page. Increase lead capture by building an optimal pathway towards your goal in a few clicks. 


Take people on a personalized journey using storytelling to inspire engagement

Asking for information isn’t enough anymore. People need to justify why they share things with you. Upflowy gives you everything you need to build a story worth engaging in, with only a few clicks. Easily add imagery, video, animation to your signup flow and customize it all to your branding.

How do we help achieve sales & conversion goals?

We fix the leaks in the conversion funnel, getting more people towards the goal you are looking to achieve. Done through the ability to easily take people on a journey with storytelling and very easily allowing you to optimize each step.


Empower anyone who can drag and drop to create & optimize flows.

No more tickets or sprints, customisations can be rolled out by anyone on the team without requiring anyone technical. Speed up optimization cycles and amplify results. No bottlenecks to experimentation. 

  • Upflowy has been designed to empower anyone to be able to create sign up flows. No longer will you be reliant on an I.T or Engineering team who may prioritize the products, rather than marketing endeavors. 
  • Integration with your website takes a couple of minutes. All your data sent to any API , CRM, or Upflowy will hold your data and have it accessible at any time as a CSV file. 
  • Upflowy’s step-by-step data collection means the visualization and understanding of customer drop off becomes a lot clearer. Paving the way for experimentation and optimization. 
  • Upflowy has been purpose-built to experiment with different copy, images, and assets. Constant working and reworking of your signup flow ensure that you can find the best combination possible. Keeping your user’s interest, while informing and setting expectations.


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