All Plans. Forever.


testRigor empowers your manual QA to build test and reduces test maintenance 200X compare to Selenium.


    The fastest way to get enough test coverage to move to Continuous Deployment with acceptance-level end-to-end tests. Get your end-to-end tests in days instead of years from our behavior-driven test creation.

    Deploy faster with significantly more stable tests
    Get to production in hours instead of weeks. testRigor test suite fails 0.01% of the time vs 100% of the time for Selenium test suites on average. This enables you to use acceptance-level tests for your CD.

    Reduce QA headaches and make your team happy
    Eliminate repetitive grunt work and free your QA team from manual click-through regression testing and managing automated scripts. Refocus your test team to work on discovery testing and other more sophisticated testing initiatives.

    Adapt to new functionality with ease
    testRigor is the only platform that extracts unique issues from all the tests and allows you to adapt to the new changes with couple of button clicks and small refactoring.




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