Setapp for Teams

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A single suite with a paramount collection of curated Mac apps for any task. Try it FREE for 14 days


    Setapp is a service where you get a set of high-quality macOS apps for a monthly or annual subscription. All of the apps are fully functional, without limitations and in-app purchases. We only have the best software vendors aboard, and our app selection keeps growing.

    Setapp delivers best-of-breed applications to Mac users. It is not a "store" in the traditional understanding where you have to pay every time you need one more app. With Setapp, you pay a fixed price once a month to get all the apps. Without limits, ads, extra charges, in-app purchases, or paid upgrades. The moment you download and install Setapp, all of its applications become available from the Setapp main window, just a click away.

    Productivity boost

    Setapp gets you and your team fully equipped with a suite of productivity, design and task management apps


    Save hundreds of dollars on purchasing apps and get them via Setapp subscription.

    App discovery

    Discover new tools from mac maintenance to web design as we add more and more apps every week.

    Team management

    Add your colleagues and enable your team to be efficient with hundreds of paid apps, all for one low-cost subscription.