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30% CASHBACK All Plans. Forever.
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The first and only real-time planning & resource optimization tool that builds the perfect work plan for you.
Project Management
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Project Management
Extreme Software Deals
30% CASHBACK All Plans. Forever.
Save up to $8,816/year
The first and only real-time planning & resource optimization tool that builds the perfect work plan for you.

What is Planless?

Planless is a real-time planning and resource optimization tool that uses the power of AI to help you identify the best path for your business success. With so many constraints to consider and constant changes in businesses, planning possibilities are endless and ever-changing. That's why planning work shouldn't be a manual process. Planless combines all your constraints and builds the perfect work plan for you. It matches your team skills and availability to your project requirements making the ideal plan to deliver work, every time. While at the same time, maximizing your teams' efficiency and adapting to every change, instantly.

Key benefits of using Planless?

Maximize resources and efficiency: Planless automatically optimizes your team's schedule and workload by allocating them at 100% of their capacity, not more, not less.

Full visibility and control: Have a perfect understanding of all moving parts and re-gain control over every piece of your projects and organization.

Understand the impact of changes: With plans that get reorganized on the fly, you can finally understand how each change impacts everything else that you have to do!

Make better decisions: Simulate everything, from hiring to new projects, and unlock instant decision-making based on real data instead of guesswork!

Planless Info

Planless Features

Unlock Insights on everything: Leverage data-driven insights to improve the performance of any aspect of work. Tasks, projects, team members, skills, effort burndowns, Planless provides analytics on everything.

Know exactly what's on your plate: Each teammate knows exactly what they need to do next, straight from their dashboard. Finally, everybody works on the right thing at the right time.

Let communication flow: Comments, chats, discussions,... no matter when or what needs to be said, keep it all in the right place and let communication flow.

Never miss a beat: From creeping due dates, and messages, to task updates, be notified instantly when something requires your attention.

Stay on budget and boost profitability: Analyse your costs, expenses and budgets over time and whether each task or project is generating profit.

Planless Pricing

Planless Discount

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Pricing starts from: $74/month

Depending on how many resources you choose to plan for, the pricing varies. Its starting price is $74 per month for 5 resources. The more resources you add, the cheaper it gets.


Planless Reviews

Profile image for Carlos Santana
Founder and Creative Director
More productivity than ever before (Sep 08, 2022)
We're around 30% more productive than before. Planless really helps in automatically managing task assignments, tracking our times, and having visibility over all our projects.
Profile image for Joshua Mitchell
Magic (Sep 08, 2022)
This really is magic. No more manual planning and task assignments and a constant up-to-date plan. We finally understand how much each little daily change impacts all our projects.
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