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PlagiaShield helps SEO managers protect their websites from plagiarism.


    Protect your investment in written content

    PlagiaShield helps SEO managers protect their investment in written content.

    If you own a digital agency or manage an in-house marketing team, you likely invest a lot of time and energy into high-quality articles.

    In a few minutes, scan your entire domains for plagiarism.

    1. Add your the URL of your domain.

    2. PlagiaShield scans your site and finds all potential thieves for each of your articles.

    3. Quickly identify domains copying your content.


    Get rid of content thieves

    PlagiaShield provides you the tools to quickly remove infringing content from the web:

    - ask for the removal by the domain owner.

    - ask for the removal from the Google Search Index

    Discover backlink opportunities

    Building backlinks are at the heart of the mission of most SEO professionals.

    PlagiaShield helps you uncover webpages that used a few sentences from your articles.

    Use it at your advantage and ask for a rightful citation and backlink.