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Opinion Stage is a powerful & easy-to-use interactive content creation service for publishers and brands.


    Publishers & Marketers use Opinion Stage to boost engagement, generate revenue, drive traffic, and discover insights. Opinion Stage works with tens of thousands of publishers & brands worldwide in defining new and exciting engagement experiences that boost engagement, generate leads, drive revenue & extract valuable insights.

    Fantastic Engagement

    Interactive Content is the most engaging type of content on the internet. Increase time on site, social sharing and traffic to your site.

    Qualified Leads

    Generate leads by integrating lead forms inside interactive content. Generate up to 500% more leads, and qualify them in the process.

    Deep Insights

    Discover insights while users engage with appealing polls, surveys & quizzes. Get more responses. Analyze results with a powerful analytics dashboard.

    Sales Revenue

    Create interactive product selectors that let you match the perfect product/service to your users based on their answers to your questions.

    Ad Revenue

    Generate up to 3X more ad revenue using interactive content. Boosting your content engagement will also increase ad visibility and click through rates.

    For more details, refer to the Opinion Stage Solution Page