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Moonship Overview

What is Moonship?

How Moonship works

Our advanced artificial intelligence show personalized discount offers to your customers based on Demographics, Timing, Location, On Site Behavior, and Shop information - and optimized to maximizing your revenues and profits

Core Features

  • We automatically profile all customers that come to your site.
  • These shoppers are matched against the tens of millions of profiles that Moonship has already built to date, in a machine learning model.
  • Based on our model, on-the-fence shoppers are gifted an expiring group offers to boost conversion rates.

Why Moonship?

Increase sales by 20-80%

Literally, we measured it. Thanks to personalized AI discounts, your customers will convert at a much higher rate. Top partners see up to a 80% sales lift from Moonship within weeks of install.

Utilize artificial intelligence to personalize discounts

Personalized discounts is the strongest lever to increase revenues and profits, with a 5% move increasing profits by up to 50%. Previously, it’s been extremely difficult to manually find the best offers and prices. Moonship enables you to accomplish this automatically.

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