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MailerSend Overview

What is MailerSend?

Why MailerSend?

MailerSend is a comprehensive tool for your everyday business: send invoices, delivery updates, forgotten password links in seconds, without thinking about it.

Email API

MailerSend’s powerful RESTful API is built with you in mind. Start integrating email sending quickly with our official libraries and authenticate API requests with tokens.

SMTP relay

Use Simple Mail Transfer Protocol when you want to quickly send emails using a reliable Internet standard. Our SMTP relay service takes care of your email delivery so you don’t have to manage an email server.

Inbound routing

Automatically parse incoming emails. Inbound email routes enable MailerSend to receive emails on your behalf, integrating them into your application.

Integrate quickly with our API documentation

MailerSend fits right into your stack with libraries for your favorite programming language, while detailed API documentation helps you send emails in minutes.

Build personalized relationships at scale

Use our ready-made dynamic email templates to build one-to-one relationships on a mass scale. You can send a few or a few million emails with messages that are automatically personalized for each recipient.

Drag & drop builder

MailerSend’s drag & drop email template builder empowers anyone in your team to create professional-looking transactional emails on their own. No coding required!

Predesigned email templates

Choose from our growing library of responsive email templates to create your design in our email editor. Then make it your own by customizing fonts, images, colors and your logo to match your brand.


Transactional emails work better when they’re personalized. Work smarter by creating a single template that uses dynamic data for email personalization.

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