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Dropbox provides secure file sharing, collaboration, and storage solutions, designing a more enlightened way of working.
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Dropbox provides secure file sharing, collaboration, and storage solutions, designing a more enlightened way of working.

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What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a cloud-based storage solution for everyone, from individuals to enterprises. Individuals can use it to keep their important files organized in one place, and businesses to store all types of documents for easy access and improved collaboration. With Dropbox, team members can share their work, leave feedback, and secure important files without leaving the platform.

Key benefits of using Dropbox?

Keep all your files in one place: Dropbox is one of the main providers of cloud storage for individuals as well as businesses. It allows you to upload large numbers of files to the platform, so you don't need to use any physical storage.

Access your files from any device: Thanks to Dropbox's cloud technology, you can access your files and folders from any device where you are logged in to your Dropbox account. This makes it extremely convenient to manage your personal and business files from any place. 

Increase productivity: Securely storing all files on the cloud is especially useful for remote teams. This improves productivity as file sharing is easier than ever.

Dropbox Info

Dropbox Features

These are some of the core Dropbox features:

  • Cloud storage
  • Multi-device access
  • 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption
  • Dropbox Backup
  • File recovery
  • Version history
  • Dropbox Rewind
  • Shared link controls
  • Data Classification
  • Ransomware detection and recovery
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Dropbox Passwords
  • Dropbox Vault
  • Dropbox Transfer
  • File locking
  • HelloSign eSignatures
Dropbox Pricing

Dropbox Discount

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Pricing starts from: $0/month

Free: $0/month

  • 2GB of storage 

Plus: $11.99/month

  • Unlimited device linking
  • 30-day file and account recovery
  • Dropbox Transfer

Family: $19.99/month

  • Individual accounts for up to 6 people
  • Family Room folder

Professional: $19.99/month

  • 180-day file and account recovery
  • Advanced sharing controls and file locking
  • Dropbox Transfer

Standard: $18 / user / month

  • Content protection 
  • File recovery
  • Automatic back up

Advanced: $30 / user / month

  • Security monitoring, notifications, and alerts
  • Dropbox Transfer (up to 100 GB)
  • Ransomware detection and recovery

Enterprise: Custom pricing

  • Enterprise-grade security and visibility tools
  • Integrations
  • Customer success manager

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