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What is Credible?

Customers are always in doubt when they visit new businesses online. With so much competition, there needs to be a way to make your operation stand out from the rest.

Thankfully, there is!

Customer reviews and actions from other customers, such as recent purchases, are the two most effective ways to address these consumer doubts.

Credible is a tool that enables businesses to collect and present personalized customer reviews and actions as social proofs to get more sales, collect more reviews, and - yep, you guessed it - become more credible.

Customers can easily install Credible on Shopify, WordPress, Square, or custom websites in just 1 minute.

Get access to Credible today!

Review Dashboard

Collect, monitor, upload reviews. Aggregate reviews from Google, Facebook, your own website, and other places. Get your reviews back into your hands.

Review Widget

Show your positive, authentic, verifiable reviews to visitors, and ask your visitors to write reviews for you. Become more Credible while staying authentic.

Recent Actions

Show recent sales and other customer actions to visitor (e.g. sign-up, submissions, ...), with options to anonymize some information. Personalization options available, to optimize for customer's geolocation and interests. Drive more sales while preserving privacy.

Visitor Counts

People don’t want to sit in an empty restaurant. Show them you are a busy shop.

Install in less than 1 minute on Shopify, WordPress, Square (Weebly), SquareSpace, or Custom Websites.

Integrated with 10+ popular apps and platforms: Google Maps, Facebook Reviews, Stripe, Square, Zapier, and more.

As seen on ProductHunt, BetaList, and Square Marketplace.

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