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Canva is a graphic design platform enabling users to create visual content to be published across any format or device.


    Canva provides a graphic design software solution that helps you bring your idea to life. Create presentations, custom graphics for marketing efforts, and more. Canva offers a variety of design tools to enable your creativity - use pre-set layouts, custom dimensions, icons, shapes, and fonts.

    Easy Editing
    An intuitive drag and drop editor that doesn’t require technical knowledge lets you get going in minutes.

    Consistent design
    Set up a brand kit to save your colors, fonts, and assets to ensure your designs stay consistent.

    Professional printing
    Design for any purpose, size, or format and instantly download or have prints delivered to your doorstep.


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    Great for beginners too! (Feb 11, 2021)
    Canva is a great design tool. It uses a simple drag and drop interface and includes a huge library of assets and design features to choose from. The only minor cons are that some frameworks like Gif creation aren't highly customizable and have limited versatility.