Buddy Punch

All Plans. Forever.


Buddy Punch is an employee time tracking software that modernizes the punch card system with an online time clock.


    Buddy Punch simplifies payroll processes by streamlining employee time tracking. With an online time clock, businesses get a real time view of general attendance, overtime, and time-off. With increasingly remote teams, Buddy Punch is the ideal way to stay updated and manage employees’ time no matter where they are. 

    Oversight without the stress
    Buddy Punch centralizes control of overtime or time-off requests and approvals, giving you a consolidated view of employees’ time.

    Simplify payroll
    Save hours on payroll processes by automating timesheets to avoid manual entry and calculations.

    Create reports in seconds
    Buddy Punch enables you to quickly create detailed reports on payroll, overtime, time-off and more.