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Authoritas is an integrated SEO and Content Marketing platform that gives you winning insights to beat your competitors


    Are you looking to drive more organic traffic to your website and drive more sales and leads? Then you need a software tool that creates a continuous process of improvement for you by tracking all the essential SEO issues with your website and brand.

    Comprehensive tools
    By integrating a competitive analysis tool, a website crawler, a keyword rank checking tool, a link building and an outreach tool in one platform, we enable you to easily prioritise the actions you need to take to get your site ranking at the top of the search engines.

    Intuitive interface
    The platform is easy to use, includes free support and training and is ideal for a small in-house team of one or more digital marketer or a large team of SEO professionals working in-house or with an SEO agency.

    Get started for free
    Oh, and you can start with a free account tracking 2 websites and 1,000 keyword rank credits per month.


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    Founder of Holistic SEO & Digital, Holistic SEO Expert
    Most Innovative and Fast Growing SEO Software (Mar 22, 2021)
    Authoritas has many great features for finding a website's true organic traffic potential. You can use Authoritas to examine a website's underperforming webpages, tracking keyword rankings and collecting historical data for organic search performance. Data blending is one of the most useful sides of Authoritas, from Google Search Console Data to Google Analytics, blending data can be done via integration. Finding new authors for specific topics or examining the user engagement for specific web pages, understanding user and website patterns is easier. Authoritas is a time saver and I use it also for educating my new SEO Team members.
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    Head Of SEO
    Highly recommended (Mar 05, 2021)
    Authoritas has been the keyword ranking software we have used for over ten years, and it has grown so much in that time. As well as having all you could wish for in terms of keyword ranking data you get so much more, I have been able to identify so many opportunities through visibility explorer and our clients love the data we can pull from the tool. The company has always been forward-thinking and stayed ahead of the trend when it comes to googles algorithm updates. I would recommend this tool to anyone in the SEO industry, as well as being able to gain all of the insights you need, the platform is easy to use, and account management has always been second to none.