All Plans. Forever.


Kalysys is a platform to simplify complex business processes, automating management and communication tasks...


    Kalysys is the only all-in-one platform you will ever need. It can be difficult keeping your company’s solutions up to date in a rapidly-evolving workplace. Kalysys is built for this purpose . There’s no longer any need to switch between multiple applications to get work done, just log in and Kalysys handles the rest!

    Book Directly from Your Website.

    Build and manage your client and practitioner records. Paperless client intakes, easy appointment scheduling and record keeping allow you to streamline operations.

    Send reminders to clients and prevent missed appointments.

    Stop juggling multiple Excel spreadsheets and multiple calendars. With Kalysys, automatically create SMS or email reminders reducing the number of no shows.

    Manage Client Data with Ease

    Keep all your client’s health records in one simple to use, customisable and organized system.

    Video Conference and Group Calls Made Easy.

    Make your meetings more effective. With our integrated high-quality video conference feature, you can connect with your clients from anywhere. Includes screen-sharing with unlimited group video.