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Documate is powerful, no-code document automation that allows you to use logic, math and more to generate documents.


    Documate is no-code document automation software that allows you to create custom webforms that populate information into your template Word and PDF documents, including:

    • Document Automation: Use documate to generate multiple documents at a time and trigger complex conditional logic within your documents, including for legal, sales, and HR use cases.
    • Public or Client Intake: Gather data from clients, trigger decision-tree logic.
    • Build a Web App: Document assembly is just the beginning. Aside from internal automation, Documate gives you the toolset to build your own “Turbo Tax” for any area. Add videos, images, audio, and e-signatures.
    • Stripe payment integration: Collect payments.
    • Word and PDF: Generate Word documents, PDF forms (including court forms), and any docx compatible formats. Multiple documents at a time.
    • Expert Systems: Documate workflows are not required to end with a document. Send emails, create training workflows, generate decisions for clients, or establish eligibility for your services by using conditional logic in your questionnaires.
    • Whitelabeling: Customize your domain, styling, and logo.
    • Web-based system is both Mac & PC compatible.
    • 7 day a week live customer support.

    It takes 3 simple steps to build powerful workflows on Documate:

    1. First, create your questionnaire (like on Google Forms or Typeform).

    2. Then, load your template documents and connect questions to your documents. Add logic jumps, conditions, calculations, and formatting specifications.

    3. Finally, run your workflow or share with others to generate finalized docs.