Get $50K Mixpanel Credits

NachoNacho's partnership gets you $50,000 in credits to use on the Mixpanel Growth plan over 12 months. NachoNacho is an official partner of Mixpanel.

Supercharge your startup growth with Mixpanel for startups

As a special bonus for NachoNacho, companies that join the Mixpanel for Startups program will be invited to attend exclusive quarterly webinars related to product analytics and getting the most value from Mixpanel. Join the Mixpanel for Startups Community on Slack to connect with other founders, the Mixpanel team, and access resources to help make the most of Mixpanel!
Mixpanel for Startups pricing is applicable to net-new growth plan subscribers for period of 12 months (Incorporated less than 5 years ago and less than $8M USD raised). Activate the offer by clicking on the link below. Please choose "Other" as the referral partner on the application screen and type in NachoNacho as the partner.


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