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NachoNacho's partnership gets you preferred pricing $1,000/yr (less then $2M in funding) or $2,500/yr ($2M-$4.99M in funding) or $5,000/yr ($5M-$15M in funding). NachoNacho is an official partner of Drift.

Supercharge your startup growth with Drift for startups

Drift’s Startup Program is designed to help startups connect with modern-day customers. A lot has changed about the buying process in recent years. The new standard is now. People expect goods, information, responses, etc. to be delivered instantly and on their time.
What are the limits of my plan? Your plan comes with unlimited contacts and 10 seats, with the option to add up to 10 more seats for a total of 20. The startup package includes: Drift Custom Chatbots Drift Live Chat Drift Meetings Drift Reporting Drift Video