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Using QuickBooks Integration

NachoNacho is an application that helps businesses consolidate and control all their subscription expenditures. In NachoNacho, separate virtual credit cards are created by the user for each subscription vendor, and spending limits and date restrictions are set per card. Cards can be suspended or cancelled at any time. A company-wide dashboard shows all subscriptions in one place in real-time. Account setup takes less than 5 mins. On average, businesses are saving 30% of their subscription spend by using NachoNacho. Thousands of businesses have already signed up within a short period since launch.

Additionally, we are now offering substantial perks and cashbacks (up to 30%, in most cases forever) on scores of software products: https://nachonacho.com.

NachoNacho in QuickBooks:

Connecting NachoNacho to QuickBooks:

Now you can connect your NachoNacho account to your QuickBooks account within seconds. No more need for manual data entries in your QuickBooks account. By connecting your QuickBooks account to NachoNacho, you will:

  • Automatically see all your NachoCard payments and refunds flow straight into your QuickBooks account.
  • See all details for each transaction, including vendor's name, company name, user name, US$ amount, transaction date & NachoCard details.

Then, watch the big smile on your accountant's face.


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Office Tools, Admin
Accounting, Finance