How to Redeem Rewards


NachoNacho offers significant rewards on numerous exciting and popular software products. We work closely with software vendors to bring you these rewards.

How to Redeem

Saveing SaaS products from the NachoNacho marketplace allows you to seamlessly add new products to your tech stack. Since you already have your Payment Source and Team set up in your NachoNacho account, it makes it very convenient to subscribe to further products using the same account.

  • Set up a NachoNacho account
  • Connect your payment source to NachoNacho.
  • Create a virtual credit card (“NachoCard”) for the specific vendor who is offering the reward.
  • Go to the vendor’s website, create an account, and enter the NachoCard you created when they ask for it.
  • That’s it! Your rewards will show up automatically in your NachoNacho account. Cashbacks are real dollars, that you can spend anywhere you like.