Buy and Save on Software in the NachoNacho Marketplace


In the NachoNacho marketplace, you will find scores of popular SaaS products that will help you boost productivity, increase revenue, reduce churn, reach new customers, and manage your teams and workflow better.

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How to Buy

Buying SaaS products from the NachoNacho marketplace allows you to seamlessly add new products to your tech stack. Once you set up your Payment Source and Team in your NachoNacho account, you can effortlessly subscribe to further products using the same account.

  • Explore products by doing searches or browsing categories.
  • Click on a product to open its dedicated page with additional product information.
  • Click on ‘Subscribe’ near the product name and logo. This takes you into your account, with a NachoCard pre-configured.
  • Click on ‘Create NachoCard now’. This creates a new NachoCard.
  • On the NachoCard page, you’ll see a button labeled ‘How to Redeem’. Clicking on the button will reveal a popup with instructions and a link to the vendor’s website.
  • Once you land on the vendor’s website, follow the vendor’s sign up workflow. When asked to pay, pay with the NachoCard you just created.
  • That’s it! Your new subscription will automatically be added to all your existing subscriptions.

How to Save

Once your new subscription has been added to your account, you will start earning rewards. Make sure to read the instructions in the ‘How to Redeem’ pop up on the NachoCard page to correctly activate your rewards.

  • For each transaction you make to the vendor, you will earn rewards as mentioned in the ‘Reward Details’ section of your NachoCard page.
  • Earned rewards will be visible under ‘Cashback Pending’ in the NachoRewards tab in your account.
  • After 45 days, your Cashback will become active (wait time is to ensure proper validation of your rewards).
  • Once active, you can redeem your rewards by making payments with the NachoCard found in the NachoRewards tab in your account.